foam conversion products which have been cut, profiled, and bored

Foam Conversion: Cutting, Routing, and Profiling

Foam Conversion is the process of shaping and cutting foam to size and requirements.

Intecfoams are a leading midlands based Foam converter and suppliers. We generally work on bespoke foam projects for trade and industry sectors. These can include healthcare, environmental, building, acoustics, insulation and more. From the base concept of taking sheets or rolls of foam, the conversion process can produce a tailor made foam entirely to your required size and shape, for most commercial and industrial applications.

We are an experienced foam company and have worked on numerous large scale projects from small startups to national companies. We  We provide trade and industry with foam products made to your requirements and purposes.

Conversion Processes

  • Splitting – creating sheets of foam from large blocks
  • Band-knifing – cutting into squares or rectangles using a very sharp blade
  • Die Cutting – cutting into 2-D shapes using a die stamp (similar to a pastry cutter)
  • Log Cutting – create coils from a Jumbo roll of foam
  • Routing – 3D CNC cutting of closed cell Polyethylene foam to create cut outs at various depths in the foam.
  • Contour Cutting – create 3-D shapes from a block of Polyurethane Foam
  • Egg Box Profiling
  • Angle Knifing
    Kiss Cutting. Creating 2D shapes with a self-adhesive backing. The product is left on the release paper for easy removal.
  • Lamination – applying self-adhesive backings, foils, brushed nylon, PVC or other substrates
  • Spray coating with a fine mist of PVC to create a barrier coat to seal holes in open cell grades
  • Flash Cutting. CNC cutting which can create small volume runs without the need for tooling. Creates parts with parallel edges (die cutting creates concave edges)
  • Waterjet Cutting – using a high power jet of water to cut the foam
  • Turning and Boring – we can create rollers up to 400mm long in PU foams
  • Sewing

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