Foam Supplies and Converters of Technical Foams

Years of experience with the manufacture and design of Technical Foams, Conversion, and Sponge Rubber products

Intec Foams help you source and engineer the right technical foam solution for your needs. We offer many years of technical and experienced advice on foam selection and offer conversion services and solutions. We work as a partnership with our large client base and carefully selected quality foam manufacturers. Specialists in Technical Foams, supplying PE Foam, Neoprene, EVA, PVC, PU (Polyurethane) and others. We produce foams for a range of sectors including medical and construction industries.

closed cell foams of different types

We supply foams and sponge rubber to differing industries. Besides supplying all regular products, we are also able to design and supply bespoke foams to requirements. We have the ability to produce low cost prototypes for approval.

open and closed cell foam types in circular image

Open Cell and Closed Cell Foams are for different purposes. All foams are produced by the formation of bubbles within a particular liquid. With closed cell foams, the bubbles are sealed and become impervious . With Open Cell Foams, the bubbles burst and connect together. This forms a very breathable and soft end product.

Foams for Trade and Industry, circular image

We supply foam to order for a range of markets, from healthcare through to environmental. With bespoke foam conversion and cutting to order, we can design and manufacture the perfect foam for your product.


cellulose sponge oval shaped blue


A foam made basically from wood pulp and mixed with viscose fibres to create a natural sourced Hydrophilic sponge.

EVA Foam block with facebook logo


A popular and versatile closed cell foam, Polyethylene foam produced in cross-linked or non cross-linked versions.

PU foam blocks of assorted colours


Used in a variety of applications, PU foam (polyurethane) is created in a basic chemical reaction of a Polyol and Isocyanate,

EPDM Sponge Rubber of various types and sizes


Amongst other things, this is a versatile foam which makes it ideal for sealing applications, but it has many other apllications within different market sectors.

sheets of EVA Foam


A closed cell foam impervious to liquids, EVA is a Co-Polymer of Ethylene and Vinyl Acetate.

Neoprene Sponge Foam and Rubber of various sizes


Known globally for its use in sport based clothing, Neoprene has many other applications and is an excellent insulator.

PVC Foam Rubber sheets, black


PVC Foam is a soft, low density and flexible closed cell foam which is conformable and high frequency weldable

Melamine Foam sheets and cut foam


Melamine Foam thanks to its versatility can be used in simple as well as technically demanding applications.