Intec Foams are at the forefront of technical foam advancements. Design, creation, and implementation of future foam technology

There are many foams used in everyday products but we don’t see or notice them as they are discreet but are doing some specialised function. Most of these products are designed in ways to ensure that they function correctly and for long periods of time. These new ranges of technical foams often complement new products and technological advances.

Intec Foams help in the selection and design of of new foams and help in the design stage of products and projects

Foam production plants also develop new grades of foams which have applications in many potential new markets.

Applications include

  • Foam rollers for applications like paper feeds in photocopiers or ink rollers in printing or business machines
  • Ultra thin foams for applications which require a foam carrier for adhesives or to act as a low density seal in mobile phones
  • Seals for solar panels
  • Low density foam seals for use in automotive applications to help reduce emissions
  • Foams for use in environmental filters.
  • 3-Dimensional foam formers for the production of wind turbine parts
  • Thermoformable foams where volumes don’t warrant the cost of expensive tooling
  • Low Smoke Emission foams for Aircraft Seating, Railway Seating
  • High Temperature resistant foams and laminates for protection against heat.
  • Weldable and Hydrophilic foams for creating swabs for medical applications for testing saliva for drugs etc.
  • Foam Balls for electronic detection equipment in water pipes

These are just a few applications and we are here to help you to develop something with foam for your specific environment or new market.