Various Foam

Intec Foams are a supplier of Technical and Flexible foams for industrial purposes

We offer foam products for markets such as medical, building and construction, acoustic and sound, and packaging, amongst others. We supply all foam and rubber types, abut also specialise in the design and manufacture of bespoke foams for industry. If you have an requirement for a particular type of foam, but are unsure of the properties needed for your particular project, then we can help.

Medical Foams

A range of different Medical Foams with special technical properties. We design, supply, convert and manufacture a range of foams for use in specialised medical applications.

Sealing Foam

A closed cell foam is impervious to gases or liquids, so is an ideal medium to use to use as a sealing foam. Other types do a similar job, depending on requirements.

Packaging Foams

These foams are low density and lightweight and so are excellent for protection and packaging applications.

Environmental Foams

Different foams have different properties suitable for a range of environmental issues. These can be anything from water filtration through to buoyancy products

Building and Construction Foams

These include temperature, tolerances, noise, thermal insulation, or interior structures. Foams insulate buildings against frost, improve insulation in pipework, absorb sound, or used in solar systems or elsewhere .

Technology Foams

There are many foams used in everyday products but we don’t see or notice them as they are discreet but are doing some specialised function. Most of these products are designed in ways to ensure that they function correctly and for long periods of time.

The range of foams include Neoprene, Polyurethane, PE, EVA Foam, Cellulose, PVC and EPDM. We manufacture to your specifications, and can source large volume orders where required.  We are consistently producing new foams for clients, and can help with  advice, development and production to your particular requirements.