Closed Cell Sealing Foams are used to separate gases or liquids

A closed cell foam is impervious to gases or liquids, so is an ideal medium to use to fill the gaps. The choice of closed cell foams is determined by the environment.

When a closed cell foam is compressed, it squashes the gas bubbles inside and promptly recovers on removal of the compressive force, so not only is it good as a seal, but also for impact absorption.

Typical Applications:

  • Air seals
  • Water seals
  • Weatherstrips
  • Expansion Joints for filling large voids prior to using expensive sealants
  • Gaskets to mate 2 surfaces together where multiple holes are in place
  • Eavesfillers
  • Seals for electronic equipment
  • Many Others too

Foam Types:

  • Neoprene Sponge is high cost end of the sponge rubbers for its superior properties in many areas such as sea water, oil & fuel resistance.
  • EPDM Sponge – A lower cost sponge rubber for general sealing applications especially for outdoor applications.
  • PVC Foam – A low density sealing grade used mainly  where conformability is needed such as in glazing units.
  • PVC/Nitrile Foam – Low density sponge rubber where energy/impact absorption, thermal insulation and softness is required.
  • Polyethylene Foam – A low density and versatile foam, used in many different applications. Excellent where low temperature and chemical resistance is required.

There are now

  • Neoprene/ EPDM Blends available now, which give a product with the high spec. neoprene, but also with the costs savings associated with EPDM.
  • Low compression force PU foams are also available which are low cost sealing foams, though high volumes are required
  • Semi-Open cell PVC-Nitrile is a new product that is excellent where uneven gaps are present and good UV and ozone resistance is required

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