Foam used for water filtrations

Project Description

We were tasked by a client to work with him to develop a floating curtain for use in waterways and reservoirs.

It was to allow the passing of clear water into pumping stations, in area’s where  new reservoir banks had been built up to increase capacity or where dredging was taking place to. The banks begin to erode or where silt and sludge is created there is a need for something to separate the sludge from the “good” water.

The curtains required a certain amount of buoyancy to work, and we developed a large diameter closed cell foam for the application. The buoyancy was critical, and various sizes were proto-typed until a successful size was agreed upon.

The buoyancy rods are inserted into the top of the curtain as can be seen in the photograph. A long boom-like configuration is created and is extended from one side of a reservoir to the other