We were asked by a potential client whether we had an open cell foam that would be good for thermal insulation and also offer the benefits of a high degree of fire retardancy and temperature resistance. It also needed to be in long lengths.
The foam was for an application where a gas was to circulate around the outside of a pipe that was inside another pipe, so the foam was an insulator between the 2 pipe walls.
Extrusions were the ideal solution except they are closed cell.
We are able to CNC Profile cut tubes from large blocks of foam.
Melamine M11 foam was chosen, because it is open cell, meets BS476 part 6 & 7 class O Fire Retardancy and will withstand 150°C. So a tube with an inside diameter of 25mm and an outside diameter of 80mm was created at 1.25m long
We also developed the tube to have a slit through the wall to aid assembly for the customer; which was an added benefit in part of their system.
Low Cost Proto-type samples were created for testing and approval prior to bulk orders.