Intec Foams are a UK supplier of Foams, Sponges, Rubber Foam, Extrusions, and more, with a range of technical and flexible foams for all purposes.

At Intec Foams, we are specialists in supply, designing, and creating a range of off the shelf and bespoke foams for all applications. From acoustic foams to packaging and healthcare, we have the right foam for your purposes. We’ve been in the foam industry for over 25 years, and in that time have supplied and created hundreds of different types of foams, foam rubber, extrusions and profiles.

Open Cell and Closed Cell Foams

Most foams will fall into the category of open cell or closed cell, and also semi open cell. Open Cell foams are softer, easier to work with, and more flexible. However, they are not impervious as closed cell foams are. Semi open cell foams are a mixture of the two, combining flexibility with closed cell foam aspects.

Why Choose Intec Foams?

  • Intec Foams help you choose, source and engineer the right technical foam solution for creating your product
    Listen – To your requirements and draw up preliminary specifications
  • Choose – The correct foam for the application with cost and quality implications being discussed.
  • Engineer – The design alongside the chosen foam grade
  • Develop – Create low cost Proto-types for pre-production testing and approval and agree specifications
  • Manufacture – To agreed specifications, quality standards and within the delivery timescales.