Intec Foams are a UK supplier of Foams, Sponges, Rubber Foam, Extrusions, and more. A range of technical and flexible foams for all purposes.

Various Foams including sheets, cut, cornered, and converted foam

At Intec, we are specialists in supplying and creating a range of technical foams. We produce and convert off the shelf and bespoke foam products for all applications, and a range of foams and rubber, including PE Foam , Neoprene foam rubber, and more. From acoustic to packaging and healthcare, we have the right solution for your purposes. We’ve been working with foams for over 25 years, and have supplied hundreds of extrusions and profiles.

Open Cell and Closed Cell Foams

Most foams will fall into the category of open cell or closed cell, and also semi open cell. Open Cell foams are softer, easier to work with, and more flexible. They are not impervious as closed cell.
Closed cell foams are generally more hard wearing and impervious to water. Semi open cell foams are a mixture of the two, combining flexibility with durability.

Why Choose Intec?

Intec Foams help you choose and source the right product for your needs.We aim to:

  • Listen – To your requirements and draw up preliminary specifications
  • Choose – The correct foam for the application with cost and quality implications
  • Engineer – The design alongside the chosen grade
  • Develop – Create low cost Proto-types for pre-production testing and approval and agree specifications
  • Manufacture – To agreed specifications, quality standards and within the delivery timescales.

EVA Foam

EVA Foam is a type of foam rubber used in industrial and commercial applications. Used for Sports Equipment, Toys, Orthotics, and more. Intec Foams supply and convert EVA Foam for [...]

Melamine Foam

Melamine Foam, thanks to its versatility, can be used in simple as well as technically demanding foam applications Melamine Foam is a low-density, open-cell polymer material, which offers specific benefits [...]

EPDM Foam Sponge Rubber

EPDM Foam Sponge Rubber is a closed cell Foam Rubber which makes it ideal for sealing applications The real name for EDPM foam Sponge Rubber is Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. [...]

Neoprene Sponge Foam Rubber

Intec Foams are specialists in the conversion and supply of Neoprene Foam Sponge Rubber. A versatile foam rubber used in many applications There are several different densities of Neoprene Foam [...]

PVC Foam

PVC Foam (Vinyl) is a soft, low density and flexible closed cell foam which is conformable and HF (High Frequency) weldable It is made up of polarized molecules (called dipoles). When [...]

PVC / Nitrile Sponge Rubber Foam

When PVC and Nitrile are combined by polymerisation, they product is a soft, closed cell sponge rubber which needs a low deflection force to create a seal. PVC/Nitrile (NBR) Sponge [...]

PE Foam : Polyethylene Foams, Extrusions, and Profiles

Intec Foams are a long established supplier of PE Foam, a closed cell Polyethylene foam produced in cross-linked or non cross-linked versions. With over 30 years’ experience in creating foam, [...]

Cellulose Sponge Foam

Intec Foams are experienced in the conversion and supply of Quality Cellulose Sponge and Foam. We supply to medical and industrial markets Cellulose Sponge Foam is a special grade of [...]

PU Foam

PU Foam (Polyurethane) including Polyester and Polyether Foams We are a supplier, creator, and converter of all types of PU Foam for industrial and commercial applications. These include medical foams, [...]

New Foam Products

We are continiously working on and with new foam products. Please check back regularly to see our latest news.

Open Cell vs Closed Cell Foams

Foams typically fall into one of two categories. Open Cell, and Closed Cell. There is also a mixture of the two which is often called a semi open cell foam. [...]

Bespoke and Custom Made Foam Products

Intecfoams are a supplier and solutions provider of bespoke custom foams for industry. We help you meet your foam requirements for any project In addition to supplying standard foams such [...]