With over 25 years within the Manufacture and Design of Flexible Technical Foam and Sponge Products, Intec Foams help you choose, source and engineer the right foam solution for your own product. Friendly and experienced advice on both foam selection and engineered solutions to problems, we work as a partnership with our large client base, and carefully selected quality foam manufacturers. Our ability is being able to take an idea from initial concept through development to full production stage, using our vast knowledge of foams and processing techniques. We have the ability to produce low cost proto-types for approval.

Closed Cell Foam

Closed Cell Foam Closed-cell foams, have intact and separate cells that are created at the foaming stage, making them non-permeable. These foams insulate against heat and cold and absorb shocks and vibrations. Read more on Closed Cell Foams.

Open Cell Foam

Open Cell Foams Open cell foams start as closed cells , which burst  during the foaming  process resulting in interconnecting cells. These foams allow water ingress and are softer and more flexible. Read more on Open Cell Foams.